Wegman’s 72% Dark Chocolate

I always have emergency chocolate on hand. My coworkers always make fun of me, but seriously, you never know when you might have an uncontrollable chocolate craving! To prepare for those special emergencies, I like to stock up on affordable, dark chocolate, such as Wegman’s 72% bar.

Taste: B

 wegmans chocolate

Although this is 2% more cocoa then the Divine’s dark chocolate bar’s I’ve reviewed in the past, I feel like I can taste the sweetness a bit more. Maybe because the quality of the cocoa is not as high? Or possibly because there is a hint of vanilla? Or both. Anyhow, I think the bit of vanilla really helps accentuate the sweet side of this chocolate. This chocolate is easy on the palate, and not too bitter, which is surprising for its cocoa content. It’s hard to explain how I can taste the difference in quality though, but I’ll try: think of those cheap, foil wrapped, dollar store chocolates you might get for Easter compared to a Godiva. Don’t take it the wrong way though! This bar is not like that bland Easter chocolate…the quality is just different, catch my drift? If you are used to dark chocolate, you might like this. If not, maybe give it a try, it’ll only set you back $2 bucks.

 simple ingredients

Only five ingredients. I love seeing this on ANY food label – the simpler the better.


Presentation: C

 ze mona lisa

I like the effort with the Mona Lisa, but lets be honest, its sorta blah, and just not my style.


Price: A

$1.99 for a 3oz. bar, score!


Reader Feedback: Have you ever tried Wegmans 72% Dark Chocolate? If so, tell me what you think!


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