Sexy Green Shake

What makes this shake so sexy? (Besides the fact that its dribbling down my chin oh so seductively…)

 spinach green tea 2

The awesome ingredients! I’ve been drinking a green drink every day for the past week or so and am feeling amazing! My energy is a lot more sustainable and it keeps me satisfied for hours. Yesterday it was all I had until 8 pm at night, and I was still able to go to class, lacrosse practice and a two mile run!

 spinach green tea 4

Normally when I make my green shakes it is fruit + greens. But one day I ran out of fruit! So I had to get resourceful and scoured my kitchen for something I could throw in the blender with my lonely spinach. Then I came across my green matcha tea powder and remembered how much I used to love those green tea frappucinos that Starbucks has.

 spinach green tea 3

And alas! The sexy green shake was born.

I decided to add sunflower seed butter because I like how it adds a rich, creamy, consistency to the shake, but feel free to omit it! (PS – Sunflower seed butter is delicious and a great peanut butter substitute if you are looking for one. You can barely taste the difference between the two!)

 spinach green tea


1 cup almond milk

1 cup ice

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter

1 glorious handful of baby spinach

1 tbsp green matcha tea powder (I used the Gotcha Matcha brand, very good quality)

Pinch sea salt or pink himalayan salt

2 pinches of stevia powder (I recommend NuNaturals)

Blend all ingredients until you have reached your desired consistency!


Reader Feedback: Is there a food you eat daily that makes you feel truly great, satisfied, and sexy?


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