Coconut Pudding

Okay so we all know I love chocolate…but theres something I have to admit…


There I said it!

I love coconuts — young thai coconuts, dried coconuts, shredded coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut ice cream… I even love the word coconut. I might name my firstborn coconut.

Just kidding about the last part, I’m not that coo coo…

So you can imagine when young thai coconuts are on sale what my shopping cart looks like (“Uh, ma’am do you need a hand to your car?”). I’ve bought 20 coconuts in one go before…don’t judge. They were on sale!

What’s funnier is when I get home and my mom has bought just as many as I have. We are so related.

Well what do you do when you drink all the water and have the rest of the coconut left?

Make coconut pudding of course!

Coconut Pudding

Meat of 1-2 (or in my case 10-20…) young thai coconuts

3 tablespoons chia seeds

Capful of vanilla extract

Himalayan pink sea salt to taste

10 drops of liquid stevia, add more to taste


1. Blend!

2. Eat!!IMAG4402

Cookies n Cream-y


The only reason I added the chia seeds was to give it a cookies and cream effect. I used to love Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, so this satisfied my nostalgia of enjoying one. They are not necessary, so feel free to omit them! This is a very basic recipe. You could definitely dress this up and experiment with different flavors (I was thinking key lime pie for the next one?).

Then the next day I blended up some frozen berries and topped it with this coconut pudding to make a coconut berry parfait.


I thought this looked cool. Swirrlyyy




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