About Me

I had a complete lifestyle shift 2 years ago. I went from a completely mainstream lifestyle to going completely raw. The tipping point for me was being in class and having the worst indigestion ever! My stomach was making mortifying farting noises and I was beyond bloated. I was a binge eater and binge exerciser. One time I ate a whole Chipotle burrito, a Subway footlong and a double chocolate chip Starbucks frappucino in one day! I would exercise for 3 hours a day and no one could even tell. I remember going on a 9 mile run while on vacation with my family and my cousin was shocked.

“You just didn’t seem like the running type” he said.

There I was, enslaving my own self to vigorous workout routines and no one even noticed. I knew I couldn’t keep up those habits forever. The beauty of the situation was that I made myself a prisoner, but I could also set myself free.

And I did!

A classmate mentioned the raw food diet to me and after brief googling I decided I would start the next day.

My mental clarity was beyond what I had ever felt. I was doing muay thai at the time, and my endurance and stamina was better than most of the men that were training. My heart felt so open, and I would experience random bouts of euphoria – something that no drug could ever achieve. I was more productive and needed less sleep. However, I did fall off the wagon and I haven’t been in that space since.

It’s been 2 years of me taking it slow and gradually making changes in my lifestyle, which is good because I feel like I have a stronger foundation. Since then it has been a long ride of learning – about real health, about myself, about the world and about what is true.


I’m just a Northern Virginia girl living in a chocolate covered world. Come along for a ride.


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