Gluten Free, Vegan Cookie Dough

It took me a while to get on the “make your own almond milk” bandwagon. I mean, lets face it, nuts are expensive…especially almonds! Then the whole process of blending and straining and storing it. I’ll admit, I was deterred. But once I made it myself, I never went back!

However, I was left with all that expensive pulp and I hate wasting things (my coworkers make sure to always use the duplex option — to print front and back, when printing). I felt bad throwing out the pulp, even if it was to my moms compost bin. There had to be something I could do with it! Luckily, this brilliant woman, The Detoxinista, had the same idea in mind and paved the way for all of us economical nut milk makers!

The answer? Cookie dough bites!

Hell yea! Milk and cookie dough? Thats a win-win in my book.

It is so easy too! You can kill two birds with one stone. Today I had the oven heating up while I was blending and straining. As I was straining the milk, I put the pulp in a glass baking dish, so as soon as the milking (lol) was done, I just popped that in the oven and BAM!

Disclaimer: After reading this recipe, you will officially have no reason to EVER throw out your almond milk pulp again!

Cookie Dough Bites

1 cup nut milk pulp

2 tbsp nut or seed butter

2 tsp coconut oil

capful of vanilla extract

2 pinches Himalayan sea salt

2 tbsp sweetener of your choice (stevia, maple syrup, raw honey, raw coconut crystals…etc)


1. Dry your pulp.  I put mine in the oven at 300 for an 30 minutes. It was barely damp when I took it out.

2. Mix in remaining ingredients. I used my hand to knead everything, and also tasted as I went. Add more of any ingredient if needed.

3. Shape how you like, this dough was very similar to actual cookie dough! If you are patient enough, you could freeze and then eat. But who is patient enough for food in this day and age? 🙂

This picture shows my snickerdoodle flavor, but I made a chocolate chip batch as well.


They are incredibly tasty and surprisingly light! Some variations I plan to make in the future are peanut butter, chocolate dipped, coconut crusted with chocolate (like a samoa)…the possibilities are endless.


My ghetto phone pictures don’t do them justice. Make these now!

cookiedoughbite3Eat me!

And I figured I would end this nutty post with a happy 4th of July from my nutty nutsack friend, the squirrel! (found him eating breakfast upside down today).




Homemade Creamy NOT Milk

Sorry dairy industry, the word is out: milk is just not that good for you.

This article highlights many of the reasons why milk is not as health generating as you may think. Simply put, the protein molecule (casein) in cows milk is 300 times larger than that of human milk, rendering them indigestible and causing acidity and mucus buildup in the body (ever notice how young kids often get runny noses, colds and ear infections?). Even worse is this milk is then homogenized (molecules are altered so milk doesn’t separate) and pasteurized, making it even more difficult to digest!

There’s tons of information out there, but you check out this short article with my most favorite author, Natalia Rose, this article and this website for tons more info.

I know its shocking at first. I mean my generation and I have been bombarded with Got Milk ads our whole lives! But once it settles in and you really think about it, do humans give their breast milk to kittens? And vice versa: would you drink cat milk? Or dog milk? So why cow’s milk??

But hey, good news to all the cow milk weaned bebehs, there’s a delicious alternative – almond milk! I’m sure you all have seen it more prominently on store shelves, I know I have. As simple as it is, I never tried making my own until now. And it makes a huuuge difference. After comparing the homemade version to a mainstream brand like Silk or Blue Diamond, the latter tastes gummy.


 Here is the version I made, but homemade almond milk is basically 1 part almonds to 4 parts water, blended and strained. That’s it!

Homemade Creamy NOT Milk 

1 cup almonds (if you have raw almonds, even better!)*

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes (feel free to omit, I just used it because I prefer a richer, creamier, “whole milk” texture)

3 cups filtered water ( I did it for the creaminess, but add another cup if you normally like 2% 😉 )

1 medjool date, pitted

Sprinkle of sea salt

Splash of vanilla

*It is recommended to soak almonds for 4-6 hours. Almonds have enzyme inhibitors in their skin making them a bit difficult to digest. Soaking them not only releases these enzymes, but also makes them easier to digest, therefore increasing nutrient absorption!


Random coconut-iness


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend til you cant blend no mo’ !
  3. Just kidding, but really you should blend until all the ingredients are liquefied.
  4. Using a nut milk bag, paint strainer, or a fine mesh strainer (which I used), strain mixture. If you are using a fine mesh strainer it could get a bit messy…




Delicious globs..


It gets better


 and messier..


But then you have the final result! So pretty and SO worth the effort. Creamy, frothy, almond milk. Pairs deeelish-ously with Flourless Chocolate Cake!


And don’t forget to make your corniest cliché “Got Milk?” face.


Sexy Green Shake

What makes this shake so sexy? (Besides the fact that its dribbling down my chin oh so seductively…)

 spinach green tea 2

The awesome ingredients! I’ve been drinking a green drink every day for the past week or so and am feeling amazing! My energy is a lot more sustainable and it keeps me satisfied for hours. Yesterday it was all I had until 8 pm at night, and I was still able to go to class, lacrosse practice and a two mile run!

 spinach green tea 4

Normally when I make my green shakes it is fruit + greens. But one day I ran out of fruit! So I had to get resourceful and scoured my kitchen for something I could throw in the blender with my lonely spinach. Then I came across my green matcha tea powder and remembered how much I used to love those green tea frappucinos that Starbucks has.

 spinach green tea 3

And alas! The sexy green shake was born.

I decided to add sunflower seed butter because I like how it adds a rich, creamy, consistency to the shake, but feel free to omit it! (PS – Sunflower seed butter is delicious and a great peanut butter substitute if you are looking for one. You can barely taste the difference between the two!)

 spinach green tea


1 cup almond milk

1 cup ice

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter

1 glorious handful of baby spinach

1 tbsp green matcha tea powder (I used the Gotcha Matcha brand, very good quality)

Pinch sea salt or pink himalayan salt

2 pinches of stevia powder (I recommend NuNaturals)

Blend all ingredients until you have reached your desired consistency!


Reader Feedback: Is there a food you eat daily that makes you feel truly great, satisfied, and sexy?