Monday Funday

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Let’s be honest – Monday is probably the least popular day of the week. You can just feel the nation just dragging themselves out of bed and back to work, school, or just the same ol routine that is they feel is sucking life away.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve always loved Mondays – they’re a fresh start! A new week to start a new habit, diet, workout, lifestyle, routine, etc. and basically be a new you. The old me was SO last week!

If we’re still not on the same wavelength, I hope you will at least find some of these articles entertaining enough to get you through the week…
You can start your week with a whole new world of possibilities…

And maybe this video will give you a little kick start to doing some of what was on that list


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Or you could just be a rebel without a cause

Bookmark this site as a great pick me up throughout the week 😉

Meet the “gangster gardener” – an inspirational video. Anyone can make a difference!

I loove DIY projects – they get your wheels spinning and you feel so accomplished afterwards! These are a few super simple ones you can try!

And if none if this lifted your spirits at all, this healthy fudgy recipe is bound to !

Gotta give props to Linda Wagner’s blog for this Monday post. Visit her awesome site!

Monday Inspiration :)

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